The Last Night…

…that we sleep apart.

Drew is moving in this weekend, while we sell his house in the city adjacent to mine. (Mine being where we wish to raise children, and where mine are already being raised.)

We are sending the female dogs off to a “bootcamp” to learn better social skills and get more acquainted and we are moving the Male dog and Drew in with the kids and I in our little blue house in the clouds.

Something dawned on both of us tonight, while we were chatting about how horrendous this day has been with Drew being hit with this awful chest cold enterovirus sweeping the Midwest, and him coming to my rescue more than once today, tonight is essentially the last night that we sleep apart…that we live apart… well…for forever!

I had not quite realized it until we started commenting on how we both recognize that this is officially the last night we will be apart as a couple living in two separate houses and running back and forth between the bachelor pad and my house. I mean, there will still be a bit of that until the house sells… but… really… this is it for both of us. We know we are who one another was meant for, as our pasts and presents and futures complement the other quite well. We just know that this is the last night we will call it “my house” and “my bed”… and tomorrow we’ll call it “ours”.

It will take some adjusting having someone in my space again… because despite my desperation to get my previous endeavor to commit. I legit could not have lived with him in my space… No joke. I wanted it… but I knew it was a major point of anxiety waiting to happen. Can’t have someone else in my house who is an unmotivated “mess” who inspired me to be more of an unmotivated mess. Thankfully, Drew just fits here. Drew belongs here and he makes everything less of a “chore”. We just work and even though I realized after my ex was out of my life, for good, that it was a blessing in disguise that he – or no other man – had ended up in my space post-split…. because I wasn’t ready for that – – – even though then it made no sense… now it seems to make more sense than anything ever.

So it begins. A huge fat chapter 1 for us… Bring it.

10-4. Over and out. ❤


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