A Whole New World

…No, not the Aladdin theme song.

Living together. It’s a whole new world for me…

Drew and I have been together for 8 months and we knew from pretty close to the beginning that this was it, we just worked, and everything before this was just a preamble to this story. Our story. Both of our failed marriages, and my subsequent failed relationships with men who wouldn’t know a good woman if she punched him in the face… (Yeah, you know exactly who I’m talking about… since it did happen to him…. but not by me!) Anyway… We just knew. We told other people before that it was absolutely silly for people to put themselves on the line and fall in love and completely trust that this person was the “one” without circular patterns of doubt, until you finally trust in longevity and give in to it…and say… “Well, I guess we get married next….?” Nothing like that. We just knew that we would get married and do that whole “live happily ever after…”.

Fast forward to now, the house a town over, his house, is headed for the market in the couple weeks ahead and now he and the dogs are living in my house. Well, our house. I mean, after my last break up, I took a liking to calling it The Blue Bachelorette Pad!… No? Ok. Fine. But I tried it, however, women who work full time and go to school full time don’t have a lot of time to live the swingin’ single lifestyle… I gave it my best shot, but it ended with hours in the books, falling asleep in my clothes on the couch with text books strewn across the coffee table and waking up to messy hair, shoving my glasses on my face and drinking whole pots of coffee to get back at it the next morning early before work. Wooo-eeee! I was crazy! Not so much.

We live together… and I have only lived with two entities… my parents… and my ex-husband. I never did the college after high school thing so I never got to have roommates in dorms. (He did.) Or be single pre-kids and have roommates. (He did.) I did things kind of out of order and kind of unconventional as many of you know. Before I met Drew, and after my last relationship, I had firmly adopted this idea that this was my space, and no man was coming into it without some serious proving of his worth to be inside my space, where I paid all of the bills and didn’t need a man’s help… no child support. No spousal support. Me. Just me. I had myself convinced that perhaps it was best that no man live in my space and that I not allow myself to get so wrapped up in the idea of ‘normal’ and let my emotions get ahead of me too far… and firmly insist that any man work for it… because no man ever has and I was on a mission to find someone worthy.

That being said… today, all of the outlets in my bathroom are occupied by his shaving utensils and electric toothbrushes. There are two of every toiletry item on the counter top and more shoes/clothes than I even own. I will give him credit for pairing it down and send a bunch to Goodwill… but still!

So, here’s this man, who proved himself, by leaps and bounds… and is living in my house. Our house. We have our first home phone number that is ours. He’s moved his cable into my cable-free (for two years!) home… I’m sure I’ll adjust to having unlimited access to Billikens basketball come Basketball season… There are two additional doggies, that I love, living here now – making it three. I am coming home and cooking for a family again, and actually caring about it, which is something I have not done in so very long. I mean, of course, I feed my children – but its usually on the fly while I am trying to do other things.

It is a strange new world, indeed. But it is one that I think I like living in.


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