For the Love of the Game

Prior to meeting Drew – I really only cared about Cardinals Baseball… and the occasional Super Bowl.

…but then we met during NCAA basketball season, and my soon-to-be Alma Mater’s team, The Billikens, was a contender. I became hooked – engrossed you might say. I have learned more about my team and the A-10 in the last year than I would have ever imagined myself doing. I am now – an NCAA Basketball fan. Screw the NBA. They are all high paid playboys with very little to offer me… but the college guys, several of which I have proctored exams for (Yes, Jordair Jett told me after he turned in his exam to me that he noticed the window in the exam room was unlocked and that he could have just to climbed out of there had he wanted to.) have a fire in them – they want it BADLY and that changes the game for me. Watching them communicate on the court and really work for it. I am a die-hard fan now. I now own lots of Billikens gear and learned some of the back stories on mascots for other teams. Hooked.

Drew is a big sports fan. Most sports. I have gone with him to most sporting events – because I love him and he’s my best friend and I would rather be with him by his invitation than anywhere else… but in all honesty, we have always been rooting for the same teams. Even though Drew went to Evansville – he isn’t screaming about the Purple Aces winning or being quite as loud as when the Bills are playing. This weekend… That changes.

I am sorry, Missourians. I really really am. But we are going to CoMo this weekend to see the Mizzou Tigers take on……wait for it………………. The Georgia Bulldogs. I am so sorry… but I went to my ex-husband’s house this weekend and dug through some tubs and found my Red “Georgia Bulldogs” sweatshirt. I’m wearing it. We have fantastic seats in “Touchdown Terrace” right on the field… and as I dug it out of the aforementioned tub, I handed it over to Drew and implied that I had found my wardrobe for our weekend getaway. He promptly stole the sweatshirt and hid it somewhere in his car. But I shall find it…

“WHY UGA?!” You ask?

Well, because from a very tiny age, as far back as I can remember – my Grandparents who are both from the south, one Georgia and one Alabama… My Grandmother being from Georgia… I was indoctrinated. “Go, Dogs, Go!” I was raised to chant and it seems that they are doing the same with the youngest grandson. Honestly, College football season in the south is a religious time… this last Thanksgiving in Alabama – it was really intense. Broken wine glasses, (on accident), little girls in Alabama cheerleader costumes in tears, cousins screaming, lots of jumping and yelling – by people in my family whom I never would have pegged to be yellers or football people. Honestly, it was amazing. We had Auburn alums, Bulldogs fans, and people “Roll Tiding”… all in the same house.

When I was single last year, I had lunch with some co-workers, who said to me that if you didn’t root for the same teams it would cause tension in a marriage. “Really? It’s that serious?” I thought to myself, later acknowledging that my first husband did not get into sports. But then Drew and I met and the infamous high school question came up… and we come from two high schools who have a mild rivalry – mostly because, (Yes, Dear, I’ll give it to you, perhaps you’ll regret not reading my blog when I say this…) my high school team hasn’t been that great and in the last few years hasn’t been able to beat Drew’s high school team, which is the high school for the town in which we both live. I countered back with “Look, this isn’t Varsity Blues – you are not James Vanderbeek, this isn’t Friday Night Lights, we are not on the set of Remember the damned Titans! This is St. Louis. We only care about Cardinals baseball!!!” but it has fallen on deaf ears – and apparently, this is serious business.

Drew, I love you…butย I can’t possibly chant “M I Z … Z O U!” when I have been raised to appreciate the Collegiate teams of the south!? I mean, I know that they are both in the SEC (now…) but… my dearest, Drew, will just have to accept that his handsome self in black and gold, will be sitting next to pretty girl in Red. Perhaps, this means our marriage is doomed? ..or it just means he’ll have to convert. ๐Ÿ˜‰ โค


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