One run at a time.

You know, some runners will tell you that they rely on their runs in order to stay sane, and that the endorphins are what keeps them getting up and going on that run every single day. I believe there is something chemically accurate to this. I notice that on my runs, at about 51 minutes, relatively consistently, I start to get this “tunnel vision” where, even on the treadmill, I start to lose my surroundings and I tune into a particular song and I am sure outsiders can tell from my stride that I am somewhat… if I may… “dance running”. Because in that moment all of my pistons are firing and my brain starts to register all of the chemical reactions in that moment. I might be tired, but I am completely in the zone and sometimes I am fixated on the time going up to my next interval goal.

I am training for something, I am not sure what, but perhaps I am training for something that puts immediately in perspective where I have come from. Half? Marathon? Who knows… We’ll see.

But for now…


Left (two runs ago) to right (tonight).

My new 5k PR (not pictured) was a monumental moment for me… I have struggled breaking 34 and a half minutes for a good long time… Last week, after a couple weeks of consistent HIIT (high intensity interval training) I beat it by a lot… and for two straight days, I was on cloud nine. I’ll keep one-upping myself for as long as it takes.

Every time I begrudgingly set my alarm, or struggle with my compression socks… I never regret running, ever. I am always in a better mood, I sleep better, the scale is kinder to me, I have more energy in the morning… I struggle to get up but once my run is complete, I don’t ever regret having dragged my ass out of bed.

Pain management specialists, doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors – all gave me conflicting information, however, a couple of them told me not to stop moving and not to succumb to spinal disc dehydration. “Maybe you should just be a swimmer.” Well… Thank you, but, I don’t want to be a swimmer.  I didn’t lose 100lbs to swim… I wanted to have the ability, the same, the endurance, to run! I still struggle with spine pain and nerve problems and sciatica, but its manageable and as long as I just keep moving – its nothing that I can’t handle.

#RunLikeHell. #NeverGiveUp


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