Mr. & Mrs.

He had not seen me yet. <3
He had not seen me yet. ❤

Sunday, October 4, 2015 – a day that I will never forget.

It was such a blur and it happened so fast, but we had incredible amounts of fun. Centerpieces turned out amazing. The gallery was gorgeously decorated. The flowers turned out gorgeous. The cupcakes were phenomenal. My photographers were FANTASTIC. The food was delicious. Families got along beautifully. And I have never felt more beautiful in my entire life than I did that day. I felt confident that I looked amazing. I felt amazing! I got to marry the love of my life and we were surrounded by TONS of people who loved us and were excited to share this day with us.

The funny Oops! things that happen to every Bride and Groom on their wedding day:

  1. I accidentally returned the wrong ring of Drew’s…sent back his first choice and kept his second. He laughed, I cried, until he convinced me that it was way more funny than sad.
  2. I forgot my checkbook to pay the officiant and my bridesmaid had to write a check and I had to pay her back in the morning! Hey! That means that I picked the best people to be in my bridal party – girls that have your back so you don’t freak out. Nobody else had their checkbook – only her. THANK GOODNESS!
  3. I did not follow instructions when going down the stairwell (part of the aisle) and I booked it. I was on a mission to and the song had not even played for 35 seconds before I was at the altar and they had to fade it out… LOL!
  4. We had no tissues and I was wearing fake eyelashes and two sentences into my vows I started crying. No surprise there! The guys handed me a napkin from their lunch order that the best man had stuffed in his pocket. Hilarious.
  5. I almost forgot to put on my jewelry and we took several photos in the gallery before I realized that inside the party bus all of my jewelry was in my bag – so I quickly put it all on for the rest of the professional photos.

Honestly, those are small fries and all of the worries that I had previously about people who didn’t show, etc, were completely gone the day of. I wasn’t really worrying about anything, honestly.

After the wedding we got a group of friends together and headed to Washington Ave by stuffing me into an Uber with my dress half on the dashboard. The chiffon on my dress got ripped, a bustle pulled out, and it is dirty as hell now – but it was FABULOUS fun.

Most of all, my husband looked more handsome than I have ever seen him and when he cried during my vows to him I knew that I had achieved portraying them to him in a meaningful way. His vows to me, also, made me cry – which sounds really strange and morbid but tears can be happy tears and these by far were some of the happiest tears I have ever cried. He did great.

What a fabulous day it was…


P.S. Photobooth – worth every single cent!


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