A Time for Change

My blog just turned 8 years old! Can you believe it!? This blog has seen the birth of one of my children, the growing pains of my first, the good years of my marriage, the end of that marriage, my dating woes, my body image issues, my deeper thoughts, falling in love again, re-marrying, buying two houses, selling one, moving a large number of times, a few job changes… WOW! Without Sanity and I have been through a whole lot together… however, this does not mean that there is not room for change and improvement. Blogging is something that I really enjoy, and at one point was the source of a little fun money for me. Without Sanity also connected me to writing my very first article for The Associated Press. #Published

I know what you’re thinking… “Ok, so what in the hell are you getting at?”

Without Sanity, in the coming weeks, will be going through somewhat of a re-birth. Without Sanity will be revised to be more of a lifestyle blog and less-so about my inner whirring sounds. I think that those who are subscribed will still appreciate my fantastic humor and my straight forward talk – but I want to start talking about the things that people in their early thirties (Yikes! SO CLOSE!) really care about when raising families, women’s issues, home life, work-life balance (blah, careers…), products, fashion – stuff that isn’t just about me. I want to talk about stuff that has an impact on more of my readers, as opposed to providing some wonderful therapy for me… I think I am finally beyond that stage in my life. Hey, there is no shame in my game… I need a village, and geez does it take one sometimes… I make no apologies for that. Humans are not meant to be isolated and are social creatures by nature whether you align yourself with being “anti social” or not… humans can’t thrive well without other humans. I am very much that way – and this blog has served a great purpose to me.

But, now is the time to reinvent Without Sanity both with regards to visuals and content.

Stay tuned.


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