StitchFix #2 Box Opening – A hurried version of what I had hoped to do…

So, I got the full length mirror, and the weekend got away from us and the daylight hours are short here now…

I intended to take photos of myself in all of the clothing, but after various commitments and Sundays being the day we set aside for groceries and bulk cooking or the week – here it is – a truncated version of what the Fix posts will normally be. Husband has agreed that next time he will take photos of me in each thing in our front room (which is the one nice, tiny, clean, decorated/stage room in our house).

I was incredibly ready for this Fix #2 – I created a Pinterest board and put a lot of specific notes in there and scheduled my next fix. Mid-October was busy, apparently, because I had to wait three weeks for my next fix. I put very specific notes to my stylist and in lieu of this fix I was also ordering some ThredUp items on the little tiny padded amount of credit I have going… The reality is, I need work clothes, and I need things that I feel comfortable wearing. I am 5’4, and I have a 27′ inch natural waist line, wide hips, and a large bust – needless to say, I have a pretty hourglass-like figure. Not everything looks right on every figure.

The November fix was scheduled to arrived Saturday Nov. 7th but arrived Friday the 6th.

If you like what you see here, and would love to have a stylist send you a fix based on your own taste – please click my referral link StitchFix – I will receive $25 towards my next purchase and will be able to continue to schedule fixes to show the world! I was skeptical about this service at first – but I can’t wait to receive the box and try on all of the times and use my styling fee of $20 towards something (or everything) inside! (+ if you keep all five items you receive 25% off the entire lot!) I promise, going forward, in the very least – since not everything fits my bust and photographs well – I will take pictures of myself, physically in, everything that I keep!

You don’t like something – or anything – ship it all back in a pre-paid envelope!

Here’s what was inside my 2nd fix!

Papermoon – Lamont Lace Detail Blouse.

This particular blouse was definitely my style, and I would definitely wear it, however, with a bust larger than a 36DDD – it did not fit. The fabric was nice and floaty and I loved all of the lace details. I love mixed material blouses! A medium in this would be far too large – and the the small sadly just did not have any give for a large bust. The material has zero stretch. The back is a little longer and I love that in a top – covers the butt a bit more since I spend most of my line in faux leather leggings and compression tights. 😉 Sadly, RETURN!

P.S. This adorable dainty top is a StitchFix EXCLUSIVE – meaning you cannot purchase it anywhere else!



Look at that lovely lace detail! I normally, do not like patterns… but…

Market & Spruce – Brookline Mix Material Sweater.

I mentioned previously how I adore mixed material, layered, sweaters/tops. I saw the En Creme Potter Buttonback Sweater on another StitchFixer’s box opening and it was adorable so I requested in this fix – apparently, this go around they did not have it in a Small, sadly.
Unfortunately, though the concept is in line with what I like with the mixed materials and the cut – this particular sweater does not look right on my body if its unzipped in the back to reveal the lovely floaty later beneath the zipper. Fastly, becomes tent-like. When zipped completely – its just a black sweater, which can be fine except this sweater was just too thick and too short in the front to not wear it unzipped in back. (RETURN!)

IMG_3879 IMG_3881

^^ I love this! I just like things that are more fitted to show my figure.

Liverpool – Collen Straight Leg Jean  ($74)


Let me start by saying – I LOVED THESE JEANS! I requested them in my next fix, again, in a smaller size. My stylist, Moira, sent me a 6/28. The 6 was so large that the pants sagged in the crotch area and they slowly crept down as I started to try on other things in my fix. I requested a 4 in jeans that are slightly stretchy- but I think they sent the 6/28 because of my inseam being so petite. Sadly, a 6 will not work. I will add that these jeans fit like a pair of yoga pants – they are some of the most comfortable jeans, in the legs, I have ever tried on. I am going to go out on a limb and say that the size 4 will fit perfectly, and thankfully so, because the cut around the ankle is perfect. I do not do bell bottom jeans and I don’t do wide leg – at best, I am a skinny leg/straight leg or a boot cut girl. The Liverpool Collen Straight Leg falls somewhere in between.

IMG_3882  Market & Spruce – Alan French Terry Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan

Here is how you know that I am an amateur at this. I made a Pinterest board of all of the stuff that I thought looked neato in other people’s fixes, but did not consider my own body type when requesting and pinning items! I saw tons of StitchFixers taking pictures in this jacket, or the similar Sweet Rainn version, and it was adorable. However, this cardigan did not lay right on my body. The fabric was thinner on the back and showed every ripple and imperfection. Sadly, even though this showed me my stylist is listening to me and learning my style from my board, that this was something I pinned when not considering my body type. RETURN!

So, here is what I did keep since this Fix was just a tiny bit off – but I can feel it, we are getting closer, and better, with each fix! 🙂

Echo – Striped Adalia Blanket Scarf in Gray. $38 – KEEP!

I am an absolute sucker for a lovely, soft, huge winter scarf. I have one of these in red and grey and white but due to the red there are not as many things that I can pair it with. I needed a solid neutral scarf. Here is how I dressed it up for dinner last night with the in-laws.

-Black Tights

-Moda International Sweater Dress – ThredUp $9

-Mossimo Black Bootie Heels. Goodwill – $6


Stay tuned! My next fix arrives 11/13!

I am working on a BIG ThredUp post! A ThredUp post showing you my very best ThredUp finds, and what it cost (and what it saved me!). We’ll call it “WithoutSanity’s Favorite Things!” (You know, kind of like Oprah! Hah!)

P.S. This Moda International soft, stretchy, sweater dress came from ThredUp – $9! Worth every cent! I can wear it to work, wear it out, dress it down, dress it up – wear it with a ton of different scarves and belts of different colors and materials.

Hopefully, you’re as excited as I am about the BIG ThredUp post that is an ever-growing draft in my blog tool. 🙂

This week, Without Sanity will have our first Wine Wednesday!



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