Rocksbox Reveal #1!

CrazyTogether may have just caused a major problem for me… She introduced me to Rocksbox. A monthly jewelry subscription service. For $19/mo (with $10 of that $19 going towards the cost of anything you would like to purchase from your Rocksbox) you receive an unlimited number of pieces of jewelry, three at a time. Keep what you want to purchase, or continue to rent, yes, you can continue to rent the pieces at $19 a month for as long as you would like until you decide to return them (with a fully prepaid shipping label) and cancel your service (No questions asked, no fees, just cancel!) and or purchase some of the pieces.

Worried something will break while in your possession? DON’T! All pieces are fully insured and are replaced immediately if broken. Also, even if you purchase the items they are guaranteed for a period of time beyond purchase, so if the item breaks after you buy it and you are within the insurance period you can get it easily replaced.

I decided to give it a shot. When I signed up, it was super easy, filled out a style quiz, clicked on pieces that I liked, etc… and then I got to create a wish list. I know that StitchFix is generally a pretty big surprise each time I receive a box full of clothes – but jewelry can be REALLY specific to each person. I do wear a ton of jewelry, except for earrings outside of my diamond studs, as I have a severe severe allergy to any metals that are less than 14k solid yellow or white gold. I wear lots of statement rings (BIG ONES!) and cuffs and bangles and dainty bracelets and thrift store necklaces, and layered necklaces, etc… I wear a LOT of costume jewelry outside of my left hand (that is saved for my wedding set) but often my right hand is bare if I cannot find rings and bracelets that coordinate!

(If you decide to give Rocksbox a try, and I encourage you to do so since there is virtually no risk of not being able to cancel if you don’t like it… please use my referral code! alyssabff313 – this allows me to get more pieces delivered to me to showcase them for you here on the blog!)

Here is what came in my first set of three!

  1. Gorjana Blakely Cuff Ring. ($30)

The ring is super cute and very dainty. However, I am going to be very real with you here, Readers. The ring is solid and looks to be made with materials that are quality. Quality stone – not plastic. Solid metals. No green fingers. But….the ring looks like a sperm. I dig the quality of the Gorjana stuff… but I can’t get past it… it looks like a little sperm on my finger. (RETURN)

2. Gorjana Mika Pendant Necklace ($68). 

Really love this necklace, as it would be perfect layered with a tinier daintier necklace. Like I said, this brand is solid. The jewelry is not cheap, not junk, and the pendant is solid and heavy. Accents well on a winter sweater and would be great layered with other like shapes or geometrical-type shapes in varying lengths. The truth is, I am not sure that I want to spend $68 (of my Rocksbox referral credit) on a single necklace. (Still thinking about it…Might need to send back the ring and ask for another layering necklace to pair with it).

3. Loren Hope Octavia Cuff in Crystal AB ($60)

I am in love with this bracelet. This cuff is legit GORGEOUS. “Loren Hope” is marked on the underside of the bracelet (any jewelry person knows how important it is for jewelry to have markings to determine quality) and the brass is solid and beautiful. The Aurora Borealis crystals on each end are my favorite. They are sparkly and would complement almost any color of clothing or theme of outfit. I could see this bracelet being worn with other cuffs or bangles for layering in the summer time with a strapless dress or with a cold weather sweater like I am today! The cuff is solid and can be ever so slightly bent to be adjusted for smaller wrists like mine. I am very pleased with this bracelet and I can think of a million different ways to wear this bracelet to work, for play, for just about anything and with some of my bigger statement rings! (KEEP!)

Again, if you like what you saw in my Rocksbox, please sign up, fill out the style profile, use my referral code alyssabff313 and give it a try for one month – if you don’t like it – cancel it and return everything – no questions asked, no fees, no arguing with a customer service agent about why you want to cancel! Even if you intend to cancel, and you like just ONE of the pieces you can use $10 towards the purchase of any of the items you want to keep before you cancel! Simple!

Thanks for reading!


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