Thrifty Hack Tip #1

You guys know all about my love for thrifting, Goodwill, upcycling, etc… so no need to retell a told story, but I wanted to start sharing some of my thrift “hacks”, so to speak.

(P.S. I know you are anxiously awaiting my Stitch Fix box #3 unveiling, not to worry, that is on its way! Hint, it was awesome!)

Let’s start here!

I know for some of you, who live in warmer climates, you are not yet facing the Winter chill – or some of the nasty slush those of in STL are facing… anywho, you can pin this for later!

Who loves boots? THIS GIRL. Who loves the look of these boots?

(Found on Google, neither of these photos belong to me – just using them for reference!)

Some of these on Etsy can run up to $30 for the pair – but you are definitively paying the person for their hard work at making the items for you to wear. That being said, why not make them yourself for a fraction of the cost?

I kept thinking to myself “Wow, look at this cable knit patterns that look so chunky and warm in the top of the boots!” and with that thought, I immediately went “Knit… cable knit… sweaters are cable knit… SWEATERS!!” 

Grabbing my keys, I was off to Goodwill. (or several!) I generally go to two or three different Goodwills to see what I can find if I am on a particularly specific mission. I was looking for chunky cable knit sweaters with stretchy, but not too stretchy, sleeves!

The first one I came across was a grey Juniors sized cardigan, cable knit, and it had these really cool chunky beads down the center with loops to keep the cardigan closed. Surely, I could do something with those… $3, threw it in the cart. I started having trouble finding colors or patterns that I would wear, in the cable knit arena but decided to test it out with a stretchier polyester blend sweater. (I knew I was running the risk of it being WAY too tight or bunching up over the top of pants, but I was going for it anyway – settled on a really gorgeous rust orange, perfect-for-fall color, sweater. $1.50 (Normally, $3, however it was a green barb – so it was on sale for 50% off.) Took my $4.50 worth of sweaters home.

Once I got home, I went in search of the measuring tape and the sharpest pair of scizzors and some some small safety pins (Of which, I realized, I actually had a ton of smaller than normal sized safety pins from various race bibs! $0!) I measured roughly how far down into a boot I would want the cuffs to be, and how much much of it I would want visible; for these – I kept the grey pair shorter at 5 inches and the orange pair I wanted a little longer at 6.5 inches. I cut both off of the sweaters as clean of a cut as I was able to achieve. Satisfied with that, I decided to take the buttons off the front of the cardigan and attach them for some visual detail to the side of the grey cuff. Success!

The finished product:

And of course, these! Hey, it’s me! Paired with Jessica Simpson heeled zip up boots in tan, Willow and Clay leggings, and a Victoria’s Secret drapey oversized sweater with a cowl neck and pockets! Also, paired with a ring that I made myself- for sale in my etsy shop – link to Without Sanity Studios at the top of the blog!

Necklace is a super long bronze necklace with a big cuckoo clock on the end that I love – found, also, at Goodwill.

So, there you have it. Way cheaper than $15-$30 bucks a pair and you can find any number of colors and patterns you may like! The polyester blend sweaters actually stay up better than the cable knits!

Happy Thrift Hacking! 😉





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