Stitch Fix Unveiling #3!

Happy Thanksgiving, Internet Family! Here’s a little something I am thankful for…

Wedding pictures are in from our wonderful photographer (so glad that I saw her photos in my feed from another friend of a friend’s wedding and fell in love with her style, I literally cried going through the pictures.) and here is a little preview… Thankful for this guy and how amazing he is with my (our) children. He contributes to my happiness in such a huge way. ❤


So, before I get started — there are some really amazing articles that were recently shared with me as to why Stitch Fix is so successful and what the science is behind it. Wow…… there is, legitimately, an algorithm that builds itself within your Stitch Fix profile to help send you items that it thinks you will like based upon your previous selections – ultimately, so that it will get you to your final destination of keeping all 5 items in your fix and getting the 25% discount off the whole lot (much like mine this past week).

It took three fixes to get me to that algorithm, thankfully not too many more—though I am  sure there will be more fixes later that I won’t be in LOVE with, but still. We are changing the landscape of how women shop for clothing, for work, for play, etc. No more hanging out in department stores dragging children behind us… or thinking that an item will look fabulous with something, but then you get it home, try it with that other piece and it looks awful, the color is off, the fit is not congruent, etc…

Read this Article about How Stitch Fix is Completely Changing Women’s Fashion by Matching us with Algorithms in a Computer!

While of COURSE we will still have stylists to help guide the fix based on your Pinterest and notes and make adjustments, but who knew there was literally a long term scientific process behind each fix???

Here is Another Article About Why Stitch Fix is So Successful!

And, this – that really hits the nail on the head when it comes to the amount of time, and effort, that goes into shopping for clothing that fits appropriately…

What Stitch Fix Figured Out About Mass Customization

Without further ado…

My 3rd Stitch Fix box!

I made some pretty specific requests in this box, and the next one, so we shall see how my stylist handles it!

  1. Market and Spruce Cotulla Buttonback Sweater (S) Navy: $58.00

So, I really -really wanted this sweater and this was one of my three very specific requests… I wanted it in beige, but they did not have it. I was bummed (requested again in my 4th fix, just in case). This sweater is very thick, chunky so to speak, and has buttons down the center in the back as well as elbow pads. (Black buttons and black elbow pads on the Navy one) and my stylist knows how much I love details on the back of sweaters, including elbow pads. The fit on this is longer in the back, shorter in the front, and if you have a large bust – it will be even shorter in the front. I highly recommend layering this one. I layer with a basic grey cotton cami or one of the MANY colors of lace camisoles that I have from Love Culture (mall store that clearances these about ten times a year).

2. Liverpool Jeans Company Collen Straight Leg Jeans (4/27): $78.00

Second very specific request. I have seen these jeans on tons of other fixer’s pages and really wanted to try them. These jeans go on like butta’… I am a shorty at 5’4 so they are a teensy bit long, but that being said they are the most comfortable jeans, I have ever owned. I do recommend sizing down, though, from whatever size you think you are in most jeans – these run big – I wear a 4 99% of the time, but even I could have possibly sized down to the 2. I love that I can wear these jeans with heels (which I do a lot) and they provide a really flattering silhouette.

3. FATE Rowen Suede Vest (S): $78.00


Vests are a completely new thing for me… I think my stylist, Nikki, knew she was taking a pretty big risk by sending me a vest that was suede, puffy, and quilted, when my notes say that I wear form fitting close to the curves clothing…I am in love. Positively in love with this vest. The vest is warm and well-made with shiny gold accents that look more like eye-catching details on the vest, as opposed to a basic zipper. I paired this with a basic black turtle neck and Willow and Clay leggings with open-toed booties and my Loren Hope Octavia cuff from Rocksbox! Win, stylist, win!

4. Romolo Kienna Lucite and Metal Fringe Necklace: ($38)

I wear a lot of edgy statement jewelry and I think my stylist nailed it with this necklace. I do wish the entire necklace was metal, as opposed to metal and lucite mix, for the cost. Had I not  kept all 5 items in my fix and gotten the 25% off, I may not have kept this one solely because of the price and the types of materials used. All metal – $38, yes, Lucite mix – $38, no…. either way, I have worn this about 15 times since receiving this fix in early November, it can be see in several styled outfits with that FATE Rowen vest as well, compliments the gold zippers and such on the vest.

And finally, my first “Unicorn”…

5. En Creme Potter Buttonback Sweater: ($58)

I have asked for this sweater in every fix so far after falling in love with it on CrazyTogether‘s site on one of her fixes. (She kept it, too!) I love it, its beautiful… that layer underneath covers the rear end for those of you who aren’t comfortable wearing leggings without something covering your bottom side. I wear it with a basic black cami underneath and over jeans or with black leggings. My Jessica Simpson heeled boots get a lot of action. I loved that my stylist wrote in her note how excited she was to see this back in inventory for the first time in a VERY long time…


Kept all 5! 

I asked to keep this stylist since she seems to understand my style a bit better than the previous two.

If you would like to try Stitch Fix, and you would be so kind as to click through my referral link, I receive a $25 referral credit – I am not in any other way compensated by Stitch Fix. <—-Click here!

3 thoughts on “Stitch Fix Unveiling #3!

  1. Hey, thank you for stopping by! I can’t count how many times I have worn the vest since I received this fix. Wore it last night to Thanksgiving at the in laws!!! I reallllly love it and the quality is fabulous.

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