Stitch Fix #4 Reveal! Last one for the year!

Alright, all, this will be my last Stitch Fix box of 2015. We have the holidays, go on our honeymoon, and have a LOT going on through the end of the year. I will schedule my next fix tentatively for the week after we return from our honeymoon in Jamaica. I will be tan and the pictures will look way better than my wintery STL skin…

A refresher! (I do not work for Stitch Fix but I do directly benefit from you deciding to try their service utilizing my referral link, it allows me to cover the costs to keep providing reviews!)

Stitch Fix is an online styling service where you have a personal stylist who sends you five items per “fix”, and you try them on, pair them with some of your favorites at home, and then send back what you don’t want! Hey, if you don’t mind, click through my referral link here! I would love to see your comments or links to YOUR Stitch Fix reviews on this page!

Here is how it works, straight from the horse’s mouth!

1. Fill out your Style Profile

Begin by filling out the Style Profile. This helps us understand your size, style, shape, budget and lifestyle. Completing your profile should only take about 10 minutes.

2. Pick the date you’d like to receive your shipment

We’ll send you a selection of five clothing items and accessories handpicked by personal stylists on the date you choose. At the time your stylist selects your items, you will be charged a $20 styling fee. That $20 will be applied as a credit toward anything you keep from your shipment.

3. Try everything on in the comfort of your home

We encourage you to try on everything our personal stylists have picked for you because you just never know what will look great on! Create new outfits by pairing what’s in your shipment with the items that are already in your closet.

4. Buy what you like and return the rest

  • Take three days to decide what you’ll purchase and what you’d like to send back. You’re only charged for these items when you tell us what you’re keeping and returning.
  • Check out by logging in to your account to pay for those items you want to keep. The $20 styling fee will be applied as credit towards any items you purchase. If you buy all five items, we’ll give you 25% off the entire purchase!
  • Simply return the items you don’t want in our pre-paid mailing bag and drop it at any USPS mailbox. Stitch Fix clients enjoy free shipping both ways as a benefit of using our service!

5. Tell us what you think!

Here we go! Stitch Fix #4!

The app is an enabler and created a major issue for me, excitedly checking to see if my 12/5’er box had shipped, it initially looked like it would be delayed until Monday, but alas, it updated and arrived on time! I was also grateful to find out that after asking to keep Nikki as my stylist, they honored my request and I get to keep her!


#1: RD Style Rory Faux Leather Leggings. (S)


Holy, wow. You all know I am a sucker for more edgy stuff, faux leather details, gold accents, zippers, mixed materials, etc. These are fabulous under just about any sweater. I didn’t want to bomb you with photos but I tried these leggings on with LOTS of items, both SF items and not. As you can see, The leggings are pictured in many of the items below, and the Johanna sweater in this one, because I positively did not want to take them off. These are fun, they fit snug, and they are thick. I have owned numerous thin faux leather leggings where the faux leather material rubbed off in sections on the top of the thigh or on the knee area. I don’t foresee that happening here. Love these! (KEEP)

(Pro-tip: Stitch Fix has pretty amazing customer service. I recently joined an online board filled with other Stitch Fixers and the general consensus has pretty consistently been that if there is something you don’t like, they will make it right. I have read all sorts of things shared on the forum from quality, to price matching, to getting a “do -over” fix, to replacing an item for one of a different color, etc. Most people are really happy!)

Speaking of Stitch Fix and the way they treat their customers, read this blog entry about a woman (in her own words) who shared with her stylist the stresses of dealing with the needs of a child with a VERY rare skin disorder and what they did for her – AFTER going to her blog and reading about her little one and the products she has to use to care for her skin. Try not to cry. Dare you. 

#2: RD Style Johanna Side Split Sweater – Beige: (S)


Alright, so this sweater seems weird. I saw another Stitch Fixer post that she received it and I was not that excited about the photos she posted of it, full-well knowing that it was going to arrive in my fix in a day or so… I like some funky stuff as long as there aren’t any ridiculous patterns… The sweater arrived and I decided that after my last Thred Up box that contained about $300+ worth of clothing at retail, for which I only paid $2.37 and I kept a nice white blouse for layering, to pair it with that. The sweater itself is INSANELY soft, as I am known to return a sweater, or not buy it it all, no matter how cute it is if its even remotely bristly or itchy. I don’t buy wool, ever, unless its a coat.

I liked it. I know my husband thinks the split is really silly, but I kind of like how it makes you look twice to get a peek and what is underneath it. I am also experimenting with different belts and various tops in different colors that might go underneath. Sequin-something underneath perhaps?(KEEP)

#3 Staccato Ginia Cowl Neck Sweater, Grey: (S)



Initially, this sweater seemed pretty basic. I didn’t think it was worth spending any credit on, until I started pairing it with boots and other tops. I really like the silhouette of this top. I like the way it bells out on the bottom and stays tighter in the arms and top area. I paired it with the Nakamol wrap bracelet that came in this month’s Rocksbox (it is also grey) and the Liverpool Rizzo pants and pair of boots that I found at Goodwill for $6… Yes, you read that right, those boots were $6 at Goodwill. I think that this cowl neck sweater since it does not really possess any detail on the chest is an ideal candidate for a blanket scarf folded just right around the neck area. (KEEP)


#4 Skies are Blue Simmaron Sequin Detail Blouse: (S)


I specifically asked my stylist Nikki for something shiny, shimmery, metallic, or sparkly in this month’s fix. She sent me this sequin blouse. The blouse has gorgeous open lace detailing on the back (which I failed to take a picture of… somehow.) but the problem is with the bust. Anyone over a DD will have a tough time making this top work. I loved this top, I think Nikki provided exactly what I wanted, but the bust made it way too short and there is really no way to layer underneath this top due to the lacy open back. Ultimately, I sold this item to another Stitch Fixer the second it was received as it was something she had been looking for! Win, win since I was still able to get the 25% on buying all 5! (SOLD)


#5 Liverpool Rizzo Pants, Black (4/27).


Oh my goodness. I also liked that I am a solid size 4 in most things and likely could have sized down to a 2 in these. These pants are super thick, and very flattering. They even have pockets on the back, though the pocket detailing on the front is fake, its sewn-in detail to give it some dimension. I feel like these are a solid step above for everyone who is completely wrong and insistent that leggings are not pants, but you know, to each their own; these would work for those people. They are thick, they have pocket details, and they are indeed pants, but they are stretchy and comfortable for all day wear. No buttons, no zips, etc. These run long so I will probably have my seamstress hem these about an inch or so, but that is common in my life with being 5’4. I feel like a little hem is worth it, in my case, for VERY comfortable and completely professional pants that can be versatile in my work-life and my fun-life. I can see these and the Rory leggings being utilized in lots of my future stylings, especially with tops. These pants zip nicely into every pair of boots I own, which is always a plus for me; if I can’t fit you in my boots — we have trouble!

That is it for December’s fix! Stay tuned this week for my Rocksbox December reveal!

If you would like to try Stitch Fix, and you would be so kind as to click through my referral link, I receive a $25 referral credit – I am not in any other way compensated by Stitch Fix. <—-Click here!




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