Rocksbox Reveal #2!

Looks like this NEVER published from last month…I love it when things just sit in my drafts bin…So, today, you get a two-for-one.

Let’s recap.

Rocksbox is a monthly jewelry subscription service where you can try out an unlimited number of pieces of jewelry for $19 a month. You can send back any piece or pieces until you get a set you like, purchase the whole set, or send it all back at once and request a full new set of 3.

For $19/mo (with $10 of that $19 going towards the cost of anything you would like to purchase from your Rocksbox) you receive an unlimited number of pieces of jewelry, three at a time. Keep what you want to purchase, or continue to rent, yes, you can continue to rent the pieces at $19 a month for as long as you would like until you decide to return them (with a fully prepaid shipping label) and cancel your service (No questions asked, no fees, just cancel!) and or purchase some of the pieces.

Worried something will break while in your possession? DON’T! All pieces are fully insured and are replaced immediately if broken. Also, even if you purchase the items they are guaranteed for a period of time beyond purchase, so if the item breaks after you buy it and you are within the insurance period you can get it easily replaced.

(If you decide to give Rocksbox a try, and I encourage you to do so since there is virtually no risk of not being able to cancel if you don’t like it… please use my referral code! alyssabff313 – this allows me to get more pieces delivered to me to showcase them for you here on the blog before you commit!)

(1) Gorjana – Cameron Layer Necklace ($68)



Alright, so I know the price is sticker shock for some, however, several of Gorjana’s pieces are 18k gold-plated and the quality, specifically, of the Gorjana pieces are really high. The metals are heavy and very sturdy, not chintzy jewelry. So, this necklace has some texture with the middle layer having some gold beads – and the other chains are dainty and thin for layering. I decided, ultimately, not to keep this necklace because it, honestly, was roughly the length of most of my work clothing neck lines and it spent most of its time hidden underneath the edge of my clothing. Still love Gorjana Jewelry! (Returned!)


(2) Sophie Harper – Gold Bar Layer Necklace ($48)



Hard to see on the pattern of my RD Style Johanna Side Split Sweater from Stitch Fix, but its lovely! I believe that Sophie Harper is a proprietary brand for Rocksbox as I could not find Sophie Harper styles in other places to purchase online elsewhere. I love this necklace. You can adjust this necklace to varying lengths, and it looks  dainty and delicate for a more upscale dressy outfit – and is casual enough to wear with a sweater for work, or for a gathering.

On the end of the dainty piece, there is a rhinestone on the chain length adjuster. I enjoy little details like that! I kept this necklace and I, honestly, wear it all the time! I don’t review Rocksbox sets until I’ve had a chance to test them out for a while and give a testament to how often I wear them! Kept!


(3) Nakamol – Mixed Crystals Five Times Black Leather Wrap Bracelet ($44)


I have admired the wrap bracelets for a really long time! I have never wanted to spend the money to purchase one if I don’t know how I will like it, how I will style it, if its worth it. I love costume jewelry for accessorizing, and adding pops of color or class to an outfit, but I do not like to spend a ton of cash if it is going to sit around and collect dust and the Nakamol bracelets were that speculation for me. I put this one on my wish list and waited. When it arrived, it was the first thing that I wanted to wear. I styled it with my Stitch Fix Staccato Ginia Cowl sweater since they have similar colors with the grey stones. Ultimately, I am glad that I did that. I became frustrated with this bracelet because it got caught on lots of things, and the haphazard way that it wrapped make it really difficult to keep it in place. I will try other Nakamol accessories but ultimately this style was not for me.






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