December Rocksbox! Honeymoon Box!

We just returned from our fabulous honeymoon in Jamaica at Couples-Negril. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Fabulous food, service, unlimited cocktails, gorgeous beaches, fabulous sunset boat rides, and crystal clear blue waters… Now we are back in cold, wet, rainy, St. Louis – with a chance for it to turn into snow today. Yuck. Where’s my 88 and sunny?! We spent a fabulous New Years there and celebrated being husband and wife! #MrAndMrsChapman #ChapmansGoToJamaica 😉

Before we left, I received a Rocksbox for accenting all of my man sundresses on the pool deck and on the beach in Jamaica! I brought almost exclusively dresses and swim suits! I even brought, and wore, several of my older Rocksbox pieces, and a StitchFix necklace! I find myself reaching for these items more than any other piece of the dresser.


Rocksbox is a monthly jewelry subscription service where you can try out an unlimited number of pieces of jewelry for $19 a month. You can send back any piece or pieces until you get a set you like, purchase the whole set, or send it all back at once and request a full new set of 3.

For $19/mo (with $10 of that $19 going towards the cost of anything you would like to purchase from your Rocksbox) you receive an unlimited number of pieces of jewelry, three at a time. Keep what you want to purchase, or continue to rent, yes, you can continue to rent the pieces at $19 a month for as long as you would like until you decide to return them (with a fully prepaid shipping label) and cancel your service (No questions asked, no fees, just cancel!) and or purchase some of the pieces.

Worried something will break while in your possession? DON’T! All pieces are fully insured and are replaced immediately if broken. Also, even if you purchase the items they are guaranteed for a period of time beyond purchase, so if the item breaks after you buy it and you are within the insurance period you can get it easily replaced.

Let’s get started!

First, my stylist knows I have an extremely diverse taste in jewelry, but she knows what I DO NOT like… she knows I like more modern pieces and layering necklaces and aurora borealis, etc.

Photos of Items Courtesy of Rocksbox.

(1) Wanderlust + Co – Chevron Stacking Rings ($31)


These very quickly became my favorite piece in the entire set. I wore them out to dinner almost every night while we were at the resort, and I felt like my right hand was my Super Woman hand! You can see these on my hands in several photos above in the grouping. Also, you can wear these rings different ways, all together, one at a time, two at a time, move them around to different fingers, etc.


Here’s how I wore them.With glittery gold nails!

Very versatile set! (Kept!)

(2) Moon & Lola – Elephant Bracelet ($28)


I really like how dainty this bracelet is, but ultimately that was its downfall for me. I don’t really do a lot of animal items… I don’t have a spirit animal… but if I did, I’m not sure it would be an elephant. Maybe a butterfly, since it has somewhat more meaning to my life…rebirth…coming forth from a cocoon to start over, so to speak… I digress. I tried to wear this bracelet one time, but it made zero sense. The elephant charm spent 90% of its time on the underside of my wrist and nobody could see it. I could not keep it in front or on top of my wrist – so to onlookers, and to me, it was just a little gold chain on my wrist. (Return!)

I had to have my wrist held perfectly like this, with no movement, for the elephant to stay in front.

(3) Gorjana – Geometric Double Layer Necklace ($68)


I don’t have any photos of this necklace styled. My stylist at Rocksbox, knows that I love layering necklaces, that I like gold, and that I enjoy more geometric and modern styles, but also knows I really like Gorjana jewelry, too. Thus, she tends to send me at least ONE Gorjana piece per box. I wore this necklace to work with a black suit jacket and a raspberry pink silk top. Gorjana stuff is very heavy-duty and well-made, but this doesn’t have a lot of room for adjustment on the necklace for necklines on clothing, so it spent a lot of time just underneath the neckline of my blouse unable to be seen, or unable to see one layer, so the layering effect was somewhat lost for this one. I’ll keep asking for Gorjana pieces, this one just wasn’t for me – and… especially not for $68… Yikes! I love Gorjana pieces and think they are worth the cost, but this wasn’t quite worth that price tag.


(If you decide to give Rocksbox a try, and I encourage you to do so since there is virtually no risk of not being able to cancel if you don’t like it… please use my referral code! alyssabff313 – this allows me to get more pieces delivered to me to showcase them for you here on the blog!)




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