Stitch Fix #5 Reveal!

I told Nikki, my stylist, that I really needed more shirts for work… More things that can be dressed up with slacks and Nikki delivered. However, the fit was off on a few – but ultimately, Nikki nailed my style even if this fix was not a huge “win”. I think its a win for my relationship with my stylist who knows my style!

Lets recap.

StitchFix is an online styling service where you have a personal stylist who sends you five items per “fix”, and you try them on, pair them with some of your favorites at home, and then send back what you don’t want! Hey, if you don’t mind, click through my referral link here! I would love to see your comments or links to YOUR StitchFix reviews on this page!

Here is how it works, straight from the horse’s mouth!

1. Fill out your Style Profile

Begin by filling out the Style Profile. This helps us understand your size, style, shape, budget and lifestyle. Completing your profile should only take about 10 minutes.

2. Pick the date you’d like to receive your shipment

We’ll send you a selection of five clothing items and accessories handpicked by personal stylists on the date you choose. At the time your stylist selects your items, you will be charged a $20 styling fee. That $20 will be applied as a credit toward anything you keep from your shipment.

3. Try everything on in the comfort of your home

We encourage you to try on everything our personal stylists have picked for you because you just never know what will look great on! Create new outfits by pairing what’s in your shipment with the items that are already in your closet.

4. Buy what you like and return the rest

  • Take three days to decide what you’ll purchase and what you’d like to send back. You’re only charged for these items when you tell us what you’re keeping and returning.
  • Check out by logging in to your account to pay for those items you want to keep. The $20 styling fee will be applied as credit towards any items you purchase. If you buy all five items, we’ll give you 25% off the entire purchase!
  • Simply return the items you don’t want in our pre-paid mailing bag and drop it at any USPS mailbox. Stitch Fix clients enjoy free shipping both ways as a benefit of using our service!

5. Tell them what you think!

Let’s jump in!

(1). RD Style Carlynn Mixed Material Sweater – (S): ($68)

(Sorry for the peep show.)Totally nailed my style. Nikki recommended that I wear this sweater with my RD Style Rory leggings, and while the sweater is absolutely my style – I am completely swallowed in it. There is no way to see any form or figure on me in this, its tent-like. I could have gone down to an XS, however, either way. Notice how sheer the top is for a sweater? Completely see-through if you’re paying attention. Sorry… It is way too cold in STL to be able to wear this without another full layer underneath – but that even further masks my figure. Even though my stylist KNOWS I love love love RD Style items and have kept most of the RD Style items, but this one did not make perfect sense at $68 when I didn’t feel fabulous in it.

(2) 41Hawthorn – Hendrix Animal Print Blouse (S) – ($58.00)


I really appreciate that my stylist sticks to neutrals and NEVER goes nuts with patterns. I don’t like patterns, neutrals, metallics, metal details, etc. So, even though this shirt was way WAY too short due to the bust it showed me that my stylist knows the TYPE of things that I like! Ultimately, too short – returned!

(3) 41Hawthorn – Lisbon Stud Detail Blouse in Black (S): ($58)


Loved loved loved the heavy brassy metal studs on the front and sleeves of this. I really like 41Hawthorn stuff. Very versatile for business casual work and play! However, same problem as the last 41Hawthorn Hendrix blouse. These two shirts were not made for a large bust. My measurements are 41’Bust, 27’Waist, 38’Hips- so I am generally fully prepared to send back a lot of shirts that come up too short in the front. I like longer, more tunic length blouses if they are not conducive to layering like these two 41Hawthorn blouses. Returned – but again – shows me that my stylist knows the style I like! Also, too sheer – sorry, Peeps!

(4) Octavia Bayfield Reversible Plaid Scarf: ($34)

Yay! Ok, so, I have been pinning a lot of Burberry London ponchos of late… yes, I know. Seems ridiculous, but I love the Burberry plaid pattern and I love scarves – of all kinds – blanket scarves, infinity scarves, you name it. I received a super fancy metallic scarf for Christmas from my mother-in-law and I am fully prepared to stretch them out as far into Spring as society allows me without weird looks. Nikki, my stylist, has definitely been keeping an eye on my Pinterest activity. She sent me this – I love it! I have loved every Octavia scarf I have received and kept them all! Keeper!

(5) RD Style Ridge Detail Cowl Neck Sweater in Cream – (S): ($64)

Paired with the RD Style Rory Leggings from my 3rd Fix. Favorite leggings – party pleather in the front – business fabric in the back, yo. Stylist sent me this because she knows I like more edgy stuff, and zipper detail – YES PLEASE! — however, it’s totally see-through – you can’t tell but I’m wearing a gold tank top underneath. Love love the zipper detail, I like the cowl neck, too, but I am complete amiss as to the purpose of the weird asymmetrical seams in the front; they throw me WAY off. I can’t figure out if its inside out when I look in the mirror. I’m not certain what to put underneath it. I still love RD Style though, their stuff is very much me – but perhaps, this one was just an oddball. I am 100% certain Nikki will send me more RD Style and I’ll keep it all now that I’ve said this!

So, there you have it – I have officially uptalked a 1/5 fix and given you a very wordy breakdown about why my Stitch Fix stylist and I were meant to be EVEN WHEN…. its a 1/5 fix! I am not unhappy at all! Next fix scheduled for February 1st!



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