Me! Alyssa.

Quick Facts (there will be a test later)

  • I was born, raised, and remain in the Midwest.
  • I met the love of my life in February 2014 and we got engaged in December 2014. ❤
  • My husband, Drew, and I were married 10-4-15.
  • I came from an Italian upbringing.
  • I am mostly liberal with some fiscally conservative opinions of certain topics.
  • I drive a Prius.
  • We have big dogs, three of them.
  • I went to SLU for my Undergrad. Go Billikens!
  • I am presently pursuing a Masters of Healthcare Administration Management through Colorado State University.
  • I was married for 9 years, from age 17 to 26. It was the biggest learning experience of my life and I remain friends with my ex.
  • My ex-husband and I have two children together. 11, girl, and 7, boy.
  • I love photography and digital editing – I am more often behind the camera than I am in front of it. Expect selfies.
  • I’m crafty and an avid DIY’er – I upcycle a LOT of stuff…
  • I am uncertain what life was like before my iPhone.
  • I love to travel! I have been to Africa!

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